Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Art Proposals

Nicola Green
Piece 1:
Nicola will take a series of stills of athletes during their training and then select a limb or gesture to paint. The resulting piece of work will be inspired by the Olympic values

Piece 2:

In the second part of her project Nicola will work with children helping them to develop their analytical skills. After a discussion about Nicola’s work, the class will be divided in groups to paint a series of images from photographs in Nicola’s style. Fun, excitement and friendship will engage everyone in the Olympic spirit!

Mark Oliver
Piece 1:
Mark will consider both architectural and political influences on the architecture and design of stadiums. Through sketching imaginary stadia inspired by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s drawings, his final piece will be a considered etching of impossible monuments or fantastical stadia using the Water Lilly as inspiration. The Water Lilly’s biological attributes – hosting the mating of insects overnight whilst its petals are closed; and opening in the morning for the world to marvel at its beauty – will be used as references in Mark’s fantasy stadium.
Piece 2:
In this phase of the project, Mark will teach children about the significance of symbolism in the design of stadiums. By exploring Mark’s illustrations and discussing the references in his fantasy architecture, the children will then be asked to illustrate their own section of Mark’s image. By considering their environment, surroundings and feelings the children will imprint their own imagery on Mark’s stadium. The final piece will be a multilayered image featuring the children’s drawings on screen printed maps.

Sara Noble
Piece 1: Sara’s Knitting Circles
Sara’s response to the Oooooh Art collection is a direct, literal interpretation - recreating the Olympics Rings as knitting circles.
By using knitting as her medium in this project, Sara aims to reflect the Olympic values. Once the initial stitches are established, it will not be complicated for Sara to produce her circles. Like a marathon though, determination and perseverance will be needed to keep going to reach the end. By using the same five colours within the same formation Sara aims to highlight the following Olympic values – mixing the colours together within each ring will represent integration; different patterns will stand for diversity; and equality will be represented by all the rings being the same.
Piece 2: The Kids’ Olympic Ring
In her children's workshop Sara aims to recreate the situation of a Knitting Circle(a gathering of knitters). Sara aims to foster the growth of friendships and pass on a greater collective skill set. Like in a relay race, Sara aims to teach knitting skills to a group of children, who will in turn learn the Olympic values, and hopefully develop their own hand crafts. Whether they contribute to just one stitch, a whole line, or even a whole square of knitting they will still (at their own pace) be part of a collaborative effort, to create the last of the Olympic rings.

Paul Lyalls
Piece 1: Everyday Olympians
Paul’s poem will express the Olympic values of respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination and inspiration through daily life scenarios. His poem will demonstrate how Herculean achievements in commitment, determination and personal best are not so far from us, and if you look for them are always present in every day people, from all walks of life.
Piece 2: Paul’s workshop with children
A group of school children will listen to Paul's poem, then working in pairs (to re-enforce the teamwork ethos) will look at key words in the poem and analyse their meanings. Still in pairs, they will write short poems about the meanings and values of those chosen words. The children will learn how day-in, day-out living is filled with everyday people who embrace constant high levels of achievement and determination. Paul’s poem when linked with the children's poems gives a perspective of how ordinary lives embody the Olympic values.

James Townend
Piece 1: Construction
Entitled Construction, James’s final piece will be an illustration of the aerial view of the London Olympic site… in construction! The aim is to highlight the issues involved in the ‘construction’ of Olympic building sites such as unfinished roads, displacement of housing, wasteland, noise etc (normally not mentioned in the media). The drawing will be a combination of intricate patterns illustrating the land balanced by the contrasting white of the Olympic buildings.
The illustrated map will be hidden inside illuminated boxes. Antique lenses will warp the map as the viewer looks inside. James wants to parallel the medias’ warping of information given to the public during the construction phase of stadiums. 

Piece 2: Workshop at St. Mary’s Priory Junior
During the second phase of the project a group of schoolchildren will work with James to create their own illustration. They will be given an aerial map of the site and will be shown how to draw different patterns which will correspond to specific areas and buildings on a map. All the shapes will then be pieced together to form a jigsaw puzzle.

Jennie Pedley
Piece 1:
Jennie's work will be made up of two layers of silhouettes showing the history of the vaulting horse. Beginning with men in the 17th and 19th century and ending with a display of women at the London Olympics of 1908.
Like stills from an animation each character will have three images to show the movement from one position to another, sometimes appearing to be flying as they leap onto the horse. Layering a semi-transparent print in front of the frame will give depth to the work and will add movement as you look at it from different angles.
Piece 2: Jennie working with Haringey schoolchildren
The children will perform scenes from the London Olympics of 1908 and 1948, using silhouettes made by Jennie. Glowing blue lighting gels on the overhead projector will suggest water for the scenes of swimming and diving. We will see the children's own silhouettes alongside those of the cut out paper athletes. Jennie will edit the film footage capturing stills and combining them into one final composition.

Kiki Machado  
Piece 1:
For Oooooh Art Kiki aims to really push her own artistic boundaries by creating a giant installation based on one of her collages (her usual artistic discipline).
Using different types of discarded materials, Kiki will create a 3 layered structure. In the final piece we will see plastic flowers featuring the words: respectexcellencefriendshipcouragedeterminationinspiration and equality (the Olympic and Paralympic Values).
Piece 2: Kiki & school children
In this part of the project Kiki will work with schoolchildren who will make their own layer of the sculpture. Using Kiki’s collages as inspiration, the children will create patterns on 5 large paperboard sheets using plastic, paper and of course… their imagination! The sheets will be joined together and hung amongst Kiki’s other two layers.

Piece 1: Melo’s leather art   
Melo’s artwork will be a large canvass made out of black and gold leather sewed on to cotton. The piece will be constructed out of overlapping leather squares replicating the shape of an athletic track. The golden leather lying in the centre of the piece will symbolise the medal the athletes compete for, as well as their determination. This is a new artistic dimension for Melo, who usually makes leather books and other handmade items. Melo (like the Olympic athletes) really wanted to push herself. By experimenting with the way she uses leather, and the size she usually works in Melo aims to create something artistically significant, and personally groundbreaking.
Piece 2: Melo’s school workshop
A group of school children will cut leather silhouettes of athletes competing in the Olympic Games. The children will then paint their background fabrics to match the leather colours and will finally sew the two pieces together using a running stitch. The children will work as a sewing relay team to secure their appliquéd leather silhouettes.

Jacqui Chanarin
Piece 1: Jacqui’s ceramic medals
Jacqui will produce a pair of portrait medallions which celebrate the courage, inspiration and determination of gymnasts. The portraits will capture the moment before the gymnast starts her sequence – the adrenalin, the anticipation, the expectation. This will be done by isolating a still from archive film footage. The tone of the piece will be one of stillness and calm, almost iconic or religious, a reference to the 'Della Robbia' ceramics.

Piece 2: Children’s workshop 
The students will draw 'action' portraits of gymnasts. From these images they will carve into the clay and decorate with coloured slip to create their own ceramic tile medallion.

Roelof Bakker
Piece 1: Roelof Bakker's photography-based artwork entitled Leap
Roelof will be using both a medium format film camera and a digital SLR to produce a series of photographs showing traces of human wear and tear on sports equipment in the London Borough of Haringey. The images aim to explore the idea of making the physical leap to participate in a sport or activity and the impact this can have.
Every piece of used sports equipment - from an old vaulting horse, to a tennis racket, to a basketball - reveals a spectrum of personal stories as each participant leaves their mark on it and contributes to its history. The photographs hope to capture the feelings, desires and determination of Haringey residents to excel in sporting activities from distant and recent pasts.
Piece 2: Workshop with children
Roelof will teach a class of junior schoolchildren the basics of analogue photography, observation and different ways of recording the world around them. At the school’s sports hall the children will be given a disposable 35mm film camera and encouraged to take their own photographs of sports equipment inspired by the 'Leap' concept. A selection of their images will be assembled and exhibited alongside Roelof’s artwork in the final exhibition.

Call & Response (Matt Lewis & Cecilia Bonilla)
Piece 1:
Matt and Cecilia propose to develop an audiovisual installation - a video projection on a loop, run from a DVD player. The final piece will include a mixture of material taken from Haringey’s archive; the Olympic images available on TV; and audiovisual material made by schoolchildren. Matt and Cecilia’s work will capture the moments just before, and in-between, an athlete’s performance during the Olympic competitions. An example of this would be the decorative, choreographed movements between exercises; or the floor dancers at the beginning and end of the ceremonies.
Piece 2:
In the second phase of their project Matt and Cecilia will work with 2 groups of schoolchildren to make a show reel. Matt’s group will explore different ways of making sounds associated with Olympic sport.
The second group will act out found footage that will eventually appear in the show reel.

Oooooh Art...ists

Discipline: Knitting
Artist: Sara Noble
Sara is passionate about knitting and her work is testament to that. She explores colours, patterns and materials to create innovative pieces of art. Sara’s work also includes print and illustration which have featured in group exhibitions, magazines and on the London Underground.
Sara has worked on various public projects at venues such as - the Southbank Centre, the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, and at the Knitting and Stitching Show. Currently Sara is running experimental crochet workshops at the Salisbury Art Centre and runs knitting workshops for children and adults in Haringey Libraries.
To discover more about Sara’s projects and unique style visit her website where you will find all her latest news!

Discipline: Painting
Artist: Nicola Green
Nicola’s portraits capture the iconic gestures that typify her subjects to us (the public), and also the tiny characteristics which identify them to their nearest and dearest. For example an image of a clenched fist is recognisable as that of Barack Obama’s.
Nicola is an extraordinary artist who has done work of Sir Trevor McDonald, Elle McPherson and Cherie Blair. Nicola’s work can be seen hanging in galleries across London - from the National Portrait Gallery to Bruce Castle Museum in Tottenham.
See Nicola’s full portfolio at
Discipline: Mixed Media
Artist: Jennie Pedley
Artist Jennie Pedley works with shadows and silhouettes, often filming scientists or members of the public performing behind a backlit screen.
Jennie also creates live shadow shows and exhibitions of layered silhouette prints. Jennie’s Mini Shadow Theatre is a paper product that allows you to create your own mini theatre and is on sale at many outlets including the National Theatre and other major arts venues.
In 2011 Jennie will be working with the National Trust at Calke Abbey and with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Wildlife Trusts to create shadow installations commissioned by Breath of Fresh Air, an Olympic initiative. Jennie’s shadow film A is for Ageing is on show at the Great North Museum in Newcastle until March 2011.
Visit Jennie’s website for more examples for her work

Discipline: Photography
Artist: Roelof Bakker
Roelof is both a photographer and an experimental video artist. His portfolio is made up of – forgotten, or abandoned elements of the past; concepts of time, life and death; and portraits of the modern world.
Roelof is passionate about photographing the London borough of Haringey, where he lives and works. STILL, his most recent exhibition explored the vacated interior space at Hornsey Town Hall, through photographs and film. The project was exhibited in disused offices inside Hornsey Town Hall. STILL follows on from his previous project 365 Days where his living room became a temporary gallery exhibiting a photographic diary of an entire year, in 365 postcards… one for each day of the year. (Time Out Arts Critics' Choice, 26 April 2006: 'Bakker's celebration of life in London is a delight.')
Visit for more of Roelof’s photography and film.

Discipline: Textile
Artist: Melonie Stennett (Melo)
Melo combines traditional and contemporary stitching techniques, vivid colours, unusual shapes, and contrasting patterns to create beautiful leather items. After completing a Fashion Leather short course at the London College of Fashion 10 years ago, her passion for leather has since developed into a thriving business. Melo has sold her pieces at fairs and in shops across London.
Melo’s craft, and more recently artworks, are all made by hand using natural materials.
Visit for more examples of her work.

Discipline: Digital Art
Artist: Call & Response (Matt Lewis & Cecilia Bonilla)
Matt Lewis:
Matt Lewis is a London-based sound artist and musician. Matt focuses on urbanism, notation and uses alternative distribution methods to create his unique audio.
Matt has collaborated with choreographers, dancers. film and theatre productions; and has performed all over the world - Portugal, Holland, Serbia, Norway and Brazil.
Visit to hear examples of Matt’s recent work including Mr Shordy, a sound installation commissioned by Shoreditch Festival and Arts Council England.

Cecilia Bonilla:
Born in Uruguay, raised in Sweden, then studied Fine Art in California and London; where Cecilia has lived since 1999.
Her work visually combines large-scale ‘performative’ installations with smaller collages, drawings and videos.
Cecilia expresses her views about time, society and female sexuality through the use of images from glossy magazines. Alterations are made to these images both manually and digitally creating a contemporary, yet poetic style to her work.
Follow this link for more examples of Cecilia’s work
Discipline: Poetry
Artist: Paul Lyalls
Paul is officially the first poet to perform at the new Wembley stadium; has worked on the BBC/CBBC show The Big Slam Poetry House; and has performed with Michael Rosen. Paul is a brilliantly entertaining poet whose work can be found in Michael Rosen's A-Z: The Best Children's Poetry from Agard to Zephaniah; and has just published his first book of poetry Catching the Cascade.
Poet, performer and storyteller, Paul Lyalls has performed across the world.
Visit Paul’s website for more info

Discipline: Print
Artist: Mark Oliver
Originally a Philosophy graduate, Mark Oliver then went on to study a Masters degree in Visual Arts at the Campbell College of Art and Design. He is a multidisciplinary artist involved in many different kinds of projects. His work is based on the combination of critical thinking and traditional drawing skills.
Mark’s etchings have recently been purchased by the University of the Arts and his books and zines are part of the London College of Communication’s library collection. Mark also runs illustration workshops in schools across the UK.
See Mark’s etchings, prints and other works at

Discipline: Collage
Artist: Kiki Machado
Kiki is passionate about turning other people’s discarded materials into beautiful works of art. Kiki’s work is colourful and clever; it combines the explosive array of colours typical of her native Brazil with the muted greens and greys of London, the city in which she lives.
See more of Kiki’s work by visiting


Discipline: Illustration
Artist: James Townend
James’ artwork seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary. Peek through antiquated illuminated boxes to find miniscule, and incredibly detailed sketched of places like KFC and supermarkets. His humour and imagination cleverly point out what is normally invisible to us.
James graduated from Goldsmiths last year and has since worked extensively creating beautiful objects for boutiques across London; sold illustrations for posters and leaflets; and plans to pass on his skills in workshops and classes in 2011.
See more of James’ creatures and illustrations by visiting


Discipline: Ceramics
Artist: Jacqui Chanarin
Jacqui Chanarin's porcelain objects are cute, humorous and of great beauty, yet evoke deeper feelings and imply more complex narratives.
Jacqui Chanarin exhibits and sells her work internationally. Balancing her time between developing new ceramic techniques and creating new works in her studio, she holds a teaching post at Brighton University and is a regular visiting lecturer at Camberwell Art Collage.
See more of Jacqui’s work by visiting (in construction)